Which you rather be like Jason Derulo or Chris Brown πŸ€”?

What’s up everybody it’s your boy DR. King Stone powerfully and I am here to talk famous people. Before I start, I want to say sorry for not posting anything new or better. It just been business with exams and other stuff. I travel to another part of Nigeria πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬. But was fun, I am planning to travel there his summer But some I might quiz my job, because my live in the board house or somewhere else. I will soon do exams this week. Pray for me. So can pass it with flying colors. Jason Derulo: I have talk about Jason Derulo before, But that was a old post that did on Jordan Spark and her relationship with him. By the way, it didn’t work out for the two of them. Jason Derulo is a talented singer and dancer. He is one top 10 best dancers of all time πŸ‘. He is handsome, funny, awesome, cool , fresh, and rich. He is living love life. He get to met a lot of famous people like Justin Bieber, the weekend, and so many more. All the girls go nuts over him. I love a.of this songs like it girl, in my head, what did you say, Savage Love, solo, and the other side. Chris Brown: We know that Chris Brown is a talented singer and great dancer as well ! He get all of the beautiful and gorgeous girls. He have a lot of houses, cars, trucks and so many more. I grew up listened to his songs like with you, no air, party, and so many more. What do you guys think about this πŸ€”? Follow me on my blog and like and comment and share with other people. PS: I need email followers on my blog.

Who is better πŸ€”?


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Hi my name is DR. King Stone powerfully. I am 20 year olds. I am from Nigeria, but I was born in USA. I am living in Nigeria, I have live here for five years so far. I just graduated from school and next year I will start my college here in Nigeria πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬. But that will not stop me from writing my heart out here. Growing up watching famous people like Dwayne, the Rock Johnson; Kevin Hart; Jack black; Eiddle Murphy; and Tyler Perry.... I feel that I can write and do the same way they're doing. I love to write and will become a great writer like those mentioned above. I love to write stories about famous people, superheroes, food and other stuff. I am very smart and I have lots of good ideas you will always like to read about and be happy. That's even the reason why I want to do this in the first place. I will post all the time and will write about something that I love and care about some of the times. I will love you guys to still like, comment and share my posts to other people. I will be glad if the whole world would see my website. I am planning for a YouTube channel, just that I am stuck here with school and other things for a while, but I will do it when I return to the USA. So please like and comments on all of my posts. I will also appreciate it if you can share them with your friends and other people. Thank you, I remain your boy Dr.Kingpowerfully.

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