What is happening to Kanye West 😅🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤔?

What’s up everybody it’s your boy DR. King Stone powerfully and I am here to talk Kanye West. Don’t you just hate your life? Because I do. I hate what doing in this country, but you guys should know that already. This job has the worst is that your course and Outlets that I have ever use. My power bank is not working like it use to do. That can go for my charger. Mom is getting on my nerves. She call me two times day. Second time she had that blood test is out, but she said everything is fine, but my sugar is high. She want me to work out, I work out all the time. I don’t eat that much. I hate this life of mine 😒 😪 😤. Nothing is not normal, just sometimes I want to kill myself. If you died. I will be free. God mess of my life. He doesn’t care about me. Kanye West: Kanye West is a dumb ass. He said and do the most stupid things that I have ever about. Kim Kardashian did the right things by leaving his. I heard that he is broken now. He doesn’t have money anymore. I am so confused, how can you loss all of billions? Maybe if you keep on saying bad things about people or other stuff. He wouldn’t be poor. All of companies that work with him. They have stop working with him. What do you guys think about this 🤔? Follow me on my blog and like and comment and share with other people. PS: I need email followers on my blog.

Published by: drkingpowerfully

Hi my name is DR. King Stone powerfully. I am 20 year olds. I am from Nigeria, but I was born in USA. I am living in Nigeria, I have live here for five years so far. I just graduated from school and next year I will start my college here in Nigeria 🇳🇬. But that will not stop me from writing my heart out here. Growing up watching famous people like Dwayne, the Rock Johnson; Kevin Hart; Jack black; Eiddle Murphy; and Tyler Perry.... I feel that I can write and do the same way they're doing. I love to write and will become a great writer like those mentioned above. I love to write stories about famous people, superheroes, food and other stuff. I am very smart and I have lots of good ideas you will always like to read about and be happy. That's even the reason why I want to do this in the first place. I will post all the time and will write about something that I love and care about some of the times. I will love you guys to still like, comment and share my posts to other people. I will be glad if the whole world would see my website. I am planning for a YouTube channel, just that I am stuck here with school and other things for a while, but I will do it when I return to the USA. So please like and comments on all of my posts. I will also appreciate it if you can share them with your friends and other people. Thank you, I remain your boy Dr.Kingpowerfully.

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