I just saw the trailer for the tomorrow war

What’s up everybody it’s your boy DR. King Stone powerfully ,and I am here to talk about this new movie that Chris Pratt, Sam Richardson and J.K . SIMMONS are in. I love these actors πŸ‘. They are very funny and talented. They have been in a lot of actions, and comedy movies πŸŽ₯. But Chris Pratt is the star of this movie. Chris Pratt character: IN this movie . Chris Pratt play military soldiers. He live in a bad and dangerous world 🌎. There is a war happening in this movie. I think aliens are taking overπŸ€”? So they tell other people to help them ,because they need all of the help that they can get. This movie looks so sad and scary 😒. That you even feel sorry for them. It get even worse, he leaves his little cute daughter and wife at home so he can save the world 🌎. We have seen this happen in a lot of movies πŸŽ₯. But it okay for now. J.K. SIMMONS is old in this movie: I love J.K. SIMMONS. I have see him in movies like Spider-man 1, Spider-man 2,Spider-man 3, Justice league, and Spider-man far from home. If you guys new to my blog? You should know that I hate Tom Holland as Peter Parker/ Spider-man. He character is so stupid and weak, he actor like a kid. I know he is a kid. But still I need this Peter Parker to grow up into a man. If you guys are ready to see the trailer for Spider-man no way online this home? Because I am, I have been talking this movie. I don’t what is going on. I know that Tobey Maguire and Andrew Gaurflied is coming back to play Spider-man and James Foxx and other actors who play Spider-man villans in the Tobey Maguire and Andrew Gaurflied U-verse. So I happy to hear that, because we all want a live actions spider verse to happened 🎬. Back to this movie, I don’t know much about J.K. SIMMONS character and what will he do. But I know is going to be great. SAM RICHARDSON: I don’t really know much this guy, I know he is funny in a way, he said been in movies like Good boys, Mike and Dave get wedding dates,and that it. Those movies that I have see him in. But I hope he dose something good in this movie. I have you guys watch the trailer for new Hitman movie that is coming out soon. Because I am. Ryan Reynolds is super funny as hell in the movies like Deadpool 1, Deadpool 2, Fast and furious present:Hobbs and Shaw, Wolverine Orgin, and so many more. He is in this other movie call free guy.I don’t know ifthis movie out yet, There is a lot of movies coming out this year or next year πŸ€” πŸ€”? I am to watch all of it. What do you guys think this? Follow me on my blog and like and comment and share with other people. PS: I need email followers on my blog.

Awesome pictures πŸ“·


Cool 😎
Awesome pictures πŸ“·

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